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Don’t be a “bunny” with Easter rates and rosters

Easter is a time for surprises – but not the nasty kind.

So when law firms start broadcasting to employees that they should check their payslips if they are working over the Easter break, it’s important that employers take extra care in this regard.

There is no doubt that the recent political arguments over penalty rates have brought the issue to the attention of many staff who normally assume their payslip will be error-free.

The law firm Slater and Gordon Lawyers are warning workers to keep a close eye on how much they get paid for working the Easter holidays.

“This Easter long weekend is the first lot of public holidays since the Fair Work Commission announced penalty rate cuts to workers in the hospitality, fast food, restaurant, retail and pharmacy industries, so we’re expecting some confusion among employees and employers,” said Slater and Gordon Principal Employment Lawyer Aron Neilson.

“Given the different implementation dates, workers should double check they’ve been paid correctly and if their calculations don’t match their pay slip, they should raise it with their boss.”

This is clearly a compliance issue.

The beauty of the WageLoch system is that you can be sure that the Award is set up correctly within your system, and quickly and easily updated according to your specific directions when changes need to be made as a result of industry or government body rulings.

When you don’t have to worry about compliance issues, you have the time to use the system to assess staff levels, productivity and other issues that are critical to a profitable business.

On the issue of staff levels, many people in Brisbane will remember last year’s Christmas Day for all the wrong reasons, when a third of train services were cancelled, stranding people who were trying to get to family celebrations.

The Government admitted that part of the problem was its rostering system, specifically “limited rostering system flexibility, with the need to manually manage timetable and job card changes since October 2016.

One of our Queensland clients – Amcal at Broadbeach – has a happier story to tell: “Our 21 staff are rostered on a fortnightly basis and I was really tired of locking myself away for hours each fortnight doing the rosters…it was a real chore and I never made a cent for my company! WageLoch relieved me of all that hassle, now it only takes me a few minutes, and I have also reduced the wages for the Pharmacy.”

So whether it’s Easter, Christmas or every week of the year, WageLoch is here to help. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your own unique requirements.

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