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Thousands of businesses across Australia and New Zealand rely on Wageloch rostering, timesheet and clocking solutions.

Our powerful all-in-one time and attendance software supports 24/7 rostering, and makes it easy to manage complex wage awards.

Our friendly local team can configure your setup to suit your specific needs and team – and take you step-by-step through rostering, electronic timesheets, and payroll. So you can be confident your people are in the right place at the right time, and paid the right way.

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Production & Manufacturing

Time and attendance and clocking devices are easy to use for employees and can be managed across multiple sites, departments and roles. With 24 hour clocking, it applies award rules and pay rates according to your specifications.

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Pharmacy & Medical

Quickly and accurately interpret highly complex Awards such as the Pharmacy Industry and Health Professionals Awards. The workforce management platform also directly integrates into a number of Pharmacy Point-Of-Sale systems to deliver valuable automated wage percentages and budgeting data.

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After a better childcare rostering solution? When you manage many staff across many centres, departments and roles, you need a simple system that works the way you do. With 24/7 rostering and clocking, Wageloch can be configured to your unique needs – and even the most complex award conditions.

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Need a simpler, safer way to manage your primary or secondary school or tertiary team? Wageloch automates all your rostering, staffing, time and attendance tasks. So it’s easy to take care of your permanent, part-time and contract teachers and staff – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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From a single store to a shopping mall, Wageloch’s all-in-one rostering, time and attendance platform makes it easier than ever to manage your retail workforce.And make it simple for staff to clock in and out, accept shifts, apply for leave, and instantly update their availability using the mobile app.

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Accommodation & Hospitality

Easily manage staff working across multiple sites, departments and roles. The all in one rostering system is unique in its ability to handle the complexity with 24 hour clocking and rostering needs.

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Light Industrial & Mobile Workforces

Flexible clocking options include Mobile App clocking with GPS capabilities for employees out on site, as well as the options to add on heavier duty biometric clocking hardware suitable for these environments. The platform also offers the ability for your teams to clock in and out of jobs to assist with accurate job costing needs.

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