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Wageloch takes all your rostering, time and attendance tasks online.

So it’s easy to take care of business anywhere, any time, on any device – desktop, web or mobile.

And the best bit? We’re here for you every step of the way.
General FAQs

It takes surprisingly little effort or financial outlay to replace traditional paper-based systems. For a nominal set up fee, Wageloch will install the software and integrate it with your accounting system (such as MYOB, Xero and Reckon) and with your point-of-sale system if appropriate.

MYOB, Xero, Reckon, MicrOpay Meridian and many others.

Yes. For example, pharmacy chains and childcare centres derive enormous benefit from features

Roster staff and re-allocate hours across different physical locations in a group.

Integrate multiple awards and payrolls within the system.

Factor allowances such as travel, uniform and meal and other specific remunerations into budgets.

Multiple Room rostering, leave shifts and Public Holiday operations.

When rostering for more than one site, you can be alerted if you accidentally roster staff who have already been rostered at another site, without leaving the roster you are working on.

In some workplaces, such as manufacturing, staff routinely have dirty hands. This can affect the fingerprint scanner, which is ideal for office environments. In less-than-pristine locations, the iris or facial recognition options make life simpler for employees and all involved in the process.

Our tracking shows that a small business with just a few employees will save at least 30 minutes a week in rostering. Larger businesses save half a day a week. This is time that can be spent on more productive activities, such as chasing payment for overdue invoices.

This is unlikely. Most staff already use fingerprint and swipe technology to access their phone. Yes, it does stop people clocking on for another employee. However, it also saves the employee from having to remember the hours they have worked, especially if they do not routinely fill out their time register on a daily or hourly basis. This is all taken care of by the system when they clock on and off.

The fingerprint scanner plugs into a desktop or laptop. Wageloch will set it up for you and we recommend that you position it in an easy access area, for staff convenience. The cost is under $250, so it is a very good investment with a strong return on investment.

There are many features that are of great value to staff and employers alike, including greatly improved communication. Staff are able to log into the Wageloch Staff Portal, where they can:

View their rosters online, ensuring staff access from any location.

Check their leave balances. Avoid staff disappointment from having unrealistic leave accrual expectations.

Submit leave and “Unavailability” requests. Staff are automatically emailed once approved or declined, giving staff peace of mind that requests have been actioned.

View notes left specifically for them. Use as an online platform for communicating the latest information affecting your staff.

Employee clock times are not able to manually changed or deleted, protecting the integrity of employee clocking data. Manual clock times can be added and timesheets can be adjusted by employers/managers in the event that there has been a mistake, or someone has forgotten to clock on – but employee generated clock times will always be visible.

Wageloch integrates easily with Flare HR. We can also connect it with your existing client onboarding system. 

If you have staff who need to be rostered, clocked or paid, then Wageloch is a great fit. The platform is fully customisable, accurate and easy to use – whatever industry you’re in. Whether you need to pull wage reports, connect a POS system, calculate your labour-to-cost ratio, or see who’s clocked in, Wageloch does it all – and more!
You can book a demo to see how it will work for your business.

We’re committed to keeping your data secure and offer multiple levels of protection.
You can find out more in our privacy policy.

Biometrics FAQs

Biometrics uses secure technology for the automatic identification of a person, by using one or multiple physical characteristics. Biometrics can be used in systems which measure employees’ time and attendance, making it significantly more difficult for employees to clock in or out on behalf of one another, a practice known as buddy punching.

There are different types of biometrics currently available, with each type having its own advantages and disadvantages. Today, systems such as fingerprint, hand geometry, face geometry, voice, and even retinal scans are in use. With regards to systems used for keeping track of time and attendance, the most commonly used types are fingerprint and hand geometry.

False acceptance and false reject are biometric system errors. The first occurs when the system validates a user’s identity, despite the fact that another individual’s finger or hand was used for authentication. A false reject takes place when the system does not validate an employee’s identity, even when using their own fingerprint or hand.

Fingerprint-based biometrics operates by creating a digital template of an employee’s fingerprint, and associating that template with an ID number. When an employee’s fingerprint is first scanned, the software measures various physical points in the fingerprint, creating a virtual template. Every time the employee checks in or out using their fingerprint, the software measuring time and attendance validates that the fingerprint currently being scanned matches the virtual template for that employee’s ID. A punch is recorded if the match is positive.

Some staff may raise privacy concerns but they need not worry. Wageloch Software never stores an image of your fingerprint. Several reference points from your fingerprint are stored in the system, which are then used to identify your finger when it is placed on the scanner in future. This information is stored in an encrypted database that resides only on the computer that has the fingerprint scanner attached.

No. Rather than using a traditional graphic format for storing fingerprint images, the system scans and captures several reference points from the fingerprint, and uses a specific algorithm to store the data as belonging to that specific person. Fingerprints which are retrieved from other sources will not be validated nor recognised by the system.

Fingerprint-based biometrics is currently the most popular, according to market research. There are multiple reasons for its popularity, including the small size of the device used for fingerprint scanning, the fact that users have the option of choosing which finger is scanned, and the validation process is less intrusive and straightforward.

Any of the hands’ ten fingerprints can be stored within the system. We do, however, recommend registering the index and thumb fingers, as the minutiae from these specific fingerprints are more easily identified and saved within the software.

A person’s fingerprints can be affected by factors such as age and the kinds of work they perform – for example, prolonged exposure to chemicals or cleaning agents.

In these cases, a scanner may not be able to get a good read of the reference points of a person’s fingerprint. In these cases, there are usually back-up options available (such as pin-codes or passwords) or other biometric devices can be utilised (such as iris scanners and facial recognition units)

Most fingerprint scanners these days are simple USB-A devices, which means they can be plugged into any device (pc or tablet) with a USB port.

Pricing FAQs

You can see our pricing. It’s structured in a way that no matter how big or small your business, you still get all the features you need to make workforce management easy.

Because we customise Wageloch to your business, there’s a once-off project management fee starting from $1,500 (excluding GST) to set up your worksite. For additional sites, this fee starts from $750 excluding GST. This includes a dedicated project manager, bespoke training, software customisation to suit your business, Award and pay configuration, and payroll integration.

You’ll be billed monthly in arrears.

A user is anyone you wish to roster, clock or timesheet in Wageloch.

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