DMP Consulting

DMP Consulting


Online payroll services company, providing services and advice to large and small businesses’ processing a wide range of payroll services. Learn more 




Hamilton Service Partners

Hamilton & Associates


Hamilton & Associates takes away the day-to-day management of your personal financial affairs, whilst leaving you in total control. Offering professional management of personal financial affairs. Learn more 



Solutions to Spec

Solutions to Spec logo

Solutions to Spec have 25 years experience in HR leadership across a broad spectrum of industries allowing them to formulate effective solutions to your challenges. Establish systems and processes that protect your business and support growth. Learn more




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Nebula-IMS is an affordable enterprise resource software platform to manage a business from a sole trader to 500+. Customised versions are available for the construction, manufacturing, agricultural, mining, health and salon industries with a business management version available for less specialised industry sectors. Nebula-IMS will help manage your Business Transactions, Human Resources Compliance, Work Health and Safety Compliance, Documents and Policies, and much more. Learn more




NoahFace is the cutting edge biometric solution available for Facial Recognition clocking. The hours worked are captured via the iPad app and delivered to payroll through WageLoch. NoahFace has been specifically designed for single or multiple site businesses to streamline time & attendance for virtually all industries including manufacturing, hospitality, retail and healthcare. Integrated with WageLoch’s intuitive award interpreter, employers have accurate and real-time data, with no paper and no ‘buddy clocking’.  Learn more



Retail & Pharmacy Front Of Shop Experts


We are a ONE-STOP-SHOP for retail and pharmacy. We connect you to the right people. We provide you with our retail and pharmacy knowledge & expertise, along with services and contacts to help you grow your business… ALL IN ONE PLACE.    Learn more




“Thanks to WageLoch, I now have the peace of mind that my staff are at work when they say that they are!”