Biometric Attendance is the modern solution for employee time card and payroll management. Through unique person identification, WageLoch’s attendance machines have become a simple and effective method for logging employee movement and assisting with timesheet calculations. A digital record of each employee’s unique characteristics are captured and kept in the database. Later on, when verification is required, a new record is captured and compared with the previous record in the database and if that data matches, the person’s identity is confirmed.

Since their development, fingerprint scanners, facial recognition and mobile clocking have become crucial components for protecting the integrity of clocking data for both employers and employees when calculating time sheets. The biometric attendance machines also eliminate the ability to “buddy clock” and take advantage of outdated systems, creating an efficient and responsive employee management solution.


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Fingerprint Scanners

Biometric fingerprint scanners for attendance are WageLoch’s standard method for collecting employee clocking data. These are inexpensive devices that plug directly into the USB drive of any standard Windows-based PC. Being easy to install and use, they’re an ideal fit for most businesses and require minimal training and transition. Suited to almost any industry, WageLoch’s finger touch attendance machines are paired with time card software to ensure accurate timesheet and payroll management.



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Iris Scanners and Facial Recognition

WageLoch’s Iris scanners and facial recognition devices provide an alternative option for industries where a fingerprint scanner may not be suitable. This may include industrial or manufacturing sectors where fingerprints are unable to be used due to dirt, chemicals or other environmental conditions. Paired with the additional features of WageLoch’s rostering, payroll and time card software, they streamline employee tracking and create modern accountability

Mobile Clocking

Mobile Clocking provides an alternative option or additional add-on solution for businesses operating with a mobile workforce. Focused on a users GPS location, WageLoch mobile clocking enables the employer to verify that the employee is clocking in at an expected location and time. This data then is compared against digital clocking records to enable a simple clock in, clock out time card solution for mobile users.

Pincode or Password

Pincodes and Passwords are a cheap and easy alternative for staff and user clocking. They are available for most systems and are simple to set up and manage. All details are stored securely and can be handled by the business or individually by the employee.

The Complete WageLoch Solution

Rostering Software – Smart budgeting and labour control solutions
Automated Timesheets – One click submission of timesheets to payroll
Biometric Attendance – Fingerprint, facial, retinal and location based employee clock in, clock out tracking
Employee Web Portal – Efficient rostering and communication between businesses and staff
MYOB Add-On – WageLoch seamlessly integrates with MYOB accounting software as a certified add-on
Xero Add-On – WageLoch seamlessly integrates with Xero accounting software


Who uses Wageloch?


“As a bookkeeper, I do the payroll for a number of Hotels – and it seemed like most of my time was spent on processing payroll manually and fixing up mistakes. Having looked at a number of Rostering and Time Attendance software packages, we decided to go with WageLoch; it has exceeded all of my expectations and payroll is now done more efficiently giving me time to focus on other tasks. I would highly recommend WageLoch to any bookkeeper who has to juggle payroll with bookkeeping”