S. King, Operations Manager, 1834 Hotels Group

"1834 Hotels are tourism and hospitality specialists, proudly managing a diverse range of businesses across Australia. We use WageLoch in all of the businesses we manage and appreciate the professionalism and commitment the WageLoch team provide to u... Read more

H. Eustice, Bookkeeper, Saracens Head Hotel

“As a bookkeeper, I do the payroll for a number of Hotels – and it seemed like most of my time was spent on processing payroll manually and fixing up mistakes. Having looked at a number of Rostering and Time Attendance software packages, we decid... Read more

C. Taylor, Payroll Manager, Joondalup Resort

“Before installing WageLoch, having to manually calculate timesheets and enter the data into our payroll system meant processing the payroll took almost 2 full days. By eliminating much of the manual work, Wageloch is now saving me 6-8 hours a fort... Read more

Michelle, Retail Manager, Broadbeach Amcal

“Our 21 staff are rostered on a fortnightly basis and I was really tired of locking myself away for hours each fortnight doing the rosters…it was a real chore and I never made a cent for my company! WageLoch relieved me of all that hassle, now it... Read more

V. Love, Proprietor, Minlaton IGA

“After using WageLoch for just four months, I have already saved a considerable amount on my wages and made my rosters and budgets much easier to control. This software more than pays for itself!” Read more
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