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Why you need employee onboarding software

Did you know a whopping 1.3 million people changed jobs in the year ending February 2022? That’s 9.5 percent of the Australian workforce – the highest rate of job mobility in 10 years! While there are many reasons for this startling statistic, we know that a bad onboarding experience can be enough for new hires to leave within their first month.  

So what can you do to welcome new team members and help them hit the ground running? Consider switching to software that includes employee onboarding software. 

6 reasons to use digital onboarding software 

1. Less human error: We all make mistakes. But even something as simple as spelling someone’s name wrong not only causes an admin nightmare, it might also leave your new hire feeling a little less than special. With online onboarding, mistakes are picked up and correctly quickly, before they become an issue.

2. Keep documents safe: It’s all too easy to lose important documents in endless paper piles or the filing cabinet cemetery. With everything stored safely online, accessing an employee’s forms is a breeze – and you can simply email them a link if they need another copy.

3. More secure: Data Information security has never been such a hot topic. With digital onboarding software, gone are the bad ol’ days of someone walking by your desk and seeing a new hire’s sensitive information. So you can have peace of mind that their privacy is protected and your business is compliant.

4. Faster: This is probably the biggest benefit to taking your onboarding online. There’s no waiting around for your employee to fill out their forms (or having to chase them if they forgot to bring the paperwork on their first day), and it’s super quick for them to add everything digitally. You also won’t have to follow up to check you’ve interpreted their handwriting correctly!

5. Flexible: With a digital onboarding system, your new hire can easily split their wages between different bank and/or super accounts. 

6. Easy to manage: If you have multiple sites, you can take care of onboarding directly from head office or another central location. 


How to get free onboarding 

Now you know why switching to digital onboarding makes sense, you’ll be happy to know it’s included free with any Wageloch account! While you’ll find your own favourite features, here are some we’re especially excited for you to try: 

  • Quick, simple setup: All you need to do is add the new employee’s name and email address, and then send them a link to complete onboarding.
  • Easy updates: Your employee can then make any changes to their information if needed.
  • Paperless admin: In a few clicks, your employee can add their banking and superannuation (or APRA, RSA or SMSF) details, visa status (with a link to more information on the ATO website) and tax declaration form. 
  • Instant synching: Your onboarding system flows seamlessly into your existing accounting and payroll software – whether that’s MYOB, Xero or Reckon. 

Ready to make onboarding easy for you and your new hires? Chat with our friendly Australian team today. 

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