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The secret to better workplace health and safety

You probably already do a lot to keep your staff safe – like providing a clean work environment and quickly fixing potential hazards. But there’s one secret to workplace health and safety that might surprise you… and that’s automated clocking.

Yep, you’ve heard us share all the other great reasons to automate your time and attendance: save time and money, make better timesheet calculations, easily manage a remote team, and keep compliant with Fair Work Australia’s new rules. So we’re excited to show you how an employee time tracking system like Wageloch can also help you keep staff safe.

What is automated clocking?

A quick recap before we dive deeper: automated time and attendance software combines a clocking device (like a fingerprint or face scanner) with an online system to make it easy to check that the right person is in the right place at the right time. And because it automatically connects with your e-roster and payroll, you no longer have to worry about manually calculating and changing timesheets.

How does it support workplace health and safety?

While the time and money savings are the biggest benefits to businesses when switching to automated time and attendance, safety is something to consider.

Let’s say you have an employee named Bob. He’s often off-site visiting customers and suppliers – in fact, he seems to spend more time on the road than in the office!

With mobile clocking, Bob just opens his phone and in one click can record when he comes and goes from each place. And because Bob uses Wageloch, when he clocks the software pinpoints his GPS location – and then compares it against digital clocking records.

As well as keeping Bob and his boss happy (less paperwork, yay!) it also keeps him safe. If anything were to go wrong on the road, it’s easy to see where he’s been and when, so you can get help out to him as quickly as possible.

And it’s not just helpful for remote or mobile staff. Automated time and attendance keeps your office staff safe, too. Say someone clocks out for a break and doesn’t return, you’ll be alerted a lot sooner than if you had a manual setup. This is especially important if there’s a workplace incident, such as a fire drill.

Plus, with someone being seriously injured at work every two to three minutes in Australia (many of which are caused by fatigue), automated clocking helps you manage risks by checking that your team takes breaks when they should.

And lastly, touchless clocking devices are a great way to provide a clean and hygienic work environment – especially if your workplace involves dust, dirt or chemicals.

4 reasons digital clocking keeps staff safe

So, let’s recap how automated time and attendance can help you adhere to workplace health and safety practices:

  1. Use mobile clocking GPS to pinpoint when staff arrive and leave work or other premises.
  2. Know who’s at work during a workplace incident or emergency – and find out sooner if someone is missing.
  3. Ensure staff take appropriate breaks to reduce the risk of injury.
  4. Offer a clean and sanitary environment – especially when working with dust or chemicals.

To see how Wageloch makes time and attendance easy and safe for you and your workforce, book a demo with our friendly team in Australia today.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is intended as a guide only, providing an overview of general information available. It’s not intended to be an exhaustive source of information and should not be seen to constitute legal or tax advice. You should, where necessary, seek a second professional opinion for any legal or tax issues raised in your business affairs.

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