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See what’s new: facial recognition and more

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As you probably know by now, we’re all about making it easier for you to manage your workforce. That’s why we commit to bringing you new and improved features – and responding to industry demand and changes.

2020 has certainly brought all of us a whole heap of challenges! From the COVID-19 pandemic making more people work from home, home office becoming the new normal, to Fair Work industry award changes, every business has had to adapt.

To help, we recently released a brand-new digital clocking feature: facial recognition! Biometric facial recognition is becoming one of the most sought-after identification solutions for businesses, especially after COVID-19. The technology uses unique biometric data associated with face and facial expression to authenticate a person. With Wageloch’s no-touch facial recognition technology, you are assured of a risk-free, easy-to-use clocking-in and clocking-out management system.

Take a sneak peek:

How does facial recognition work?

 A lot of facial recognition software solutions simply take a photo when someone clocks in. So, it relies on you already being aware or suspicious that someone else might clock-in on their behalf – meaning it’s on you to go and review the data.

Wageloch does it differently, by using a unique personal identification to record and store facial characteristics. It then automatically checks for a match to identify people when they next clock in – and stops them clocking in if the facial features don’t match. Easy peasy!

Our clocking in app also captures the time and feeds it to our system for payroll and online timesheets. So it’s super simple to manage your roster and track your team, and all for a low monthly subscription fee.

Whether your team has been working remotely for a long time or only recently, digital clocking means you can say goodbye to manually calculating timesheets and checking your staff are in the right place, at the right time.

Read more about digital clocking here.

Where is Wageloch Facial Recognition software available?

Our facial recognition app is available to download on your Android or iOS tablet, from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

You can also run it on Windows or Mac, by installing an Android emulator like BlueStacks.

How to use our facial recognition app?

 If needed, we’ll upgrade your Wageloch software for free, so you can start using the facial recognition system right away. Just reach out to our local helpdesk and we’ll do the rest.

It’s best to mount your tablet in a well-lit area with no glare – so the facial recognition camera can capture the best possible image.

More new features

 We have rolled out a number of other new features to make workforce management easy for your business. They include:

  • A browser-based version of Wageloch for easy access and management
  • Shift Swap and Message Centre for our mobile app
  • Late clock-in push notification, so you know if a staff member misses the start of their shift
  • GPS proximity exception alert for mobile, when someone clocks in outside a certain distance from the job location
  • New integrations with Flare HR for seamless onboarding
  • Surveys shown to staff when clocking in and clocking out, which can be used for OHS compliance and more
  • Ability for staff to see their own clock times and paid shifts in the mobile app

Stay tuned for even more features rolling out in the months to come!

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