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Our biggest business lesson? Ride the wave

No-one could have predicted how things would look in a COVID-riddled world. With the rules constantly changing, nothing has been certain. Amidst lockdowns, Zoom meetings and shifting priorities, what’s kept us soldiering on? Our new mantra of “the plan is the plan until it’s not”.

While we’ve always taken pride in our planning, if there’s one thing the past 12 months have reminded us, it’s that you just have to ride the wave. We’ve been doing it since day one. In the software development arena, you have to stay agile. The market moves fast, product development cycles are short, and you need to adapt on the fly.

Prepare to pivot

So you could say that when the global pandemic hit, we were ready. Take biometric fingerprint clocking: it was all the rage until suddenly everything had to be touchless. Having already developed this technology, all we had to do was help some of our clients make the switch to iris scanners, fingerprint scanners, facial recognition and other touch free clocking devices.

Our experience with quick pivots like these is how we help your business, too. As an all-in-one platform, Wageloch takes all your rostering, time and attendance tasks online – and integrates seamlessly with popular payroll platforms. Drawing on our own experience, our customised, accessible platform makes it easy to take care of business anywhere, any time, on any device.

The future of flexible business

Looking ahead, your business (like ours) will need to be as agile and accurate as ever. But you don’t need to be a software expert – that’s our job. While others take your business and run, we work as one, with you. In a time where flexibility is everything, having a reliable rostering management system is vital to keeping your business progressive.

With better compliance, award rules and rates, staff management across multiple sites, 24/7 clocking and rostering, as well as simple reporting and auditing (all backed by our local support team), we’re here to help you ride the wave.

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