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How to manage holiday leave with ease

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Would you like to take a proper break these holidays, without worrying about employee leave getting messier than the living room floor on Christmas morning? Then you’ll be happy to know there’s a simple way to manage holiday leave – so that you and your payroll person can take a well-earned break. It’s called workforce management software. 

And even if it’s too late to set up a new system before the end of the year, it’s worth doing it in January when things quieten down. That way, you’ll be better prepared for staff taking leave at Easter and beyond. 

What can workforce management software do? 

Let’s be honest, the holidays are hectic. With last-minute changes, double-booked leave within one team, and trying to juggle available staff, there’s simply too much for one person to manage. So it’s no surprise that errors occur, which is the last thing anyone wants at this time of year. 

With leave management features built into a platform like Wageloch, you can head off knowing that everything is under control with annual leave policies enforced – even when you’re not there. 

For example, Wageloch lets you set limits on how many employees can take leave during these busy times, and you can even block off days you don’t want people off. The best part is, this can be customised to each department. 

And with the mobile app, staff can request holiday leave with ease, which also saves time going back and forth. 

 Budgeting beyond the holidays 

Once your annual leave setup is sorted, you can then start thinking about your budgeting and whether your wages are on track for the second half of the financial year.  

Automated workforce management software makes this easy, too. In Wageloch, you can use the automated sales-to-wages ratio to see how you’re tracking. 

Ready to sort your staff’s annual leave? 

Book a demo with our friendly Australian team today to see how easy it can be with Wageloch – and enjoy your next holidays completely stress-free. 

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