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How can labour hire software change your day?

Whether you’re responsible for labour hire or manage a construction company, you need a simple, streamlined way to run your workforce – especially if you manage staff across multiple sites.

That’s what customisable labour hire software can do: take care of all the admin so you can focus on your people and the bigger picture. What does this look like? Just see how hypothetical labour hire manager Jeff makes light work of his day:


Jeff sips his morning coffee and opens his phone to see what the day has in store. Before bringing on board labour hire software, he would spend the first few hours of the day fielding phone calls from staff about shift swaps and leave requests – or chasing around to see why they arrived late to site.

But not today. Opening the Wageloch web app on his laptop (which pinpoints where his staff are when they clock on and off) Jeff can see at a glance that almost everyone has made it to the Loch Plaza site on time – aside from Sam, who left a note in the mobile app after getting stuck in traffic and arriving late.

Now in the office, Jeff has plenty of time to tick off some bigger business tasks – like consulting with his marketing agency on the company’s latest campaign. An email comes in from a new client, who needs a few tradespeople on site for the afternoon.

Jeff opens up the digital roster in Wageloch and can see which employees have agreed to be placed on a 24-hour call. In a few clicks, the requests are automatically sent out, with three staff picking up the shift.

After a morning of meetings, Jeff is waiting in line for lunch at a nearby cafe when the Wageloch app alerts him to a shift swap request from engineer Lauren. From his phone, he can see available staff in the same department and then fill the spot – on the spot.

Jeff is back in the office and getting through his to-do list, thanks to so many tasks being automated through the labour hire software. Needing to schedule an urgent team meeting for the next day, Jeff writes a note for staff that pops up when they clock in, so they know to be in the lunchroom tomorrow at ten. He also approves Lauren’s leave request via the Wageloch web app on his computer, in just a couple of clicks.

Since Jeff no longer gets calls from staff about various issues, he’s had time to go over the business financials and plan out the month ahead.

Pay day is tomorrow, but Jeff won’t be spending hours on that either, because Wageloch will take care of connecting the week’s rosters and timesheets with the company’s payroll system, meaning everyone will get paid the right rate, awards and allowances – and on time.

Before heading home for dinner with the kids, Jeff learns that a severe storm is forecast for tomorrow and will likely stall the Loch Plaza development. Not to worry, an inclement weather allowance is already built into his labour hire software – so he and his staff know everything will be taken care of without any hassle.

Jeff has also been alerted that Andrew’s forklift licence and Ahmed’s Work Safely at Heights qualification are coming up for renewal, which he decides to deal with tomorrow.

Before implementing labour hire software, Jeff would head into the home office after the kids went to bed to continue his admin tasks for the day: approving payroll and leave requests, checking qualifications, setting up rosters and checking paper timesheets. This would leave him exhausted by the time he finally fell into bed around midnight.

Thanks to Wageloch, Jeff can now spend his evenings relaxing and catching up with his family – and look forward to yet another streamlined, productive and profitable day.

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