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Employment Law Changes Puts Record Keeping In Spotlight

Anyone involved with payroll needs to be aware of the recent introduction of the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017.

While its aim is to catch unscrupulous employers, the Australian HR Institute warns that “ALL businesses should be reviewing the way they manage the risk of underpayment and worker exploitation”.

In a list of seven points on the new laws, The Fairwork Ombudsman places record keeping near the top of the list, warning of “increased penalties for breaches of record-keeping and pay slip obligations”

In such a case, the employer faces having to disprove the employees claim if the matter goes to court. This is a major change, as previously the employee was required to prove their claim.


This is where Wageloch software can make all the difference. By combining and automating attendance software with timesheets which are linked to employee award data, the room for error is virtually eliminated.

In addition, the Automated Alert LINK functionality is designed to notify you if your roster breaches legal/industrial relations restrictions.

The other key benefit is that the system retains rosters and timesheets for seven years, which you can easily access in the event of a Fairwork audit.

“This latest law is part of a clear trend that puts more pressure on employers,” said Wageloch’s Kobi Sedsman.

“Whether you are in retail, hospitality or any other business, the days of trying your best and crossing your fingers are long gone.

“It’s incredibly difficult for an individual to stay up with the various awards, orchestrate a complex roster, keep track of attendance and get it right 100% of the time.

“In fact, most senior managers do not want to delegate this authority to one or two individuals because they also assume the responsibility if something goes wrong.

“The Wageloch system is designed to reduce the risks by embedding award information and working closely with you to keep it updated. You aren’t relying on a person who might leave and take all of this knowledge with them. Instead, the system does the thinking for you.”

If you fail to comply, it could be a costly exercise as penalties for breaches have also increased! The penalty for failing to keep proper records has doubled and is now a maximum of $63,000 for businesses, while individuals face a hit of $12,600.


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