April is Autism Awareness Month - Wageloch


April is Autism Awareness Month

WageLoch is a committed and proud supporter of education, support and awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Australia.

At present, it is estimated that 1 in every 68 children are diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability characterised by impairments in social communication and interactions, as well as restricted or repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests or activities. For an autism diagnosis to be made these symptoms need to be evident from childhood, and impair daily functioning. The word ‘spectrum’ is used because the range and severity of the difficulties people with autism experience can vary widely.


To mark Autism Awareness Month in Australia, WageLoch has chosen to make a donation to Aspect Schools, to assist in the resourcing and education of children on the Autism Spectrum.

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