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4 reasons why you need integrated HR software

As HR processes become more complex in a world of remote work, rising absenteeism and ongoing disruptions, businesses that neglect to invest in integrated, automated workforce management and HR software are being left behind.

And while there are endless reasons why integrated HR software is the way forward, we’re going to focus on four of the most compelling:

Cut your losses

Do you know how much absenteeism is costing your business in terms of productivity and profitability? How about the hours wasted each week on manual timesheets, payroll or chasing staff and correcting errors?

Without automated HR software that integrates payroll with time and attendance tracking, you can never know the true cost – or easily spot areas for improvement.

By automatically calculating total hours worked – including overtime, sick and holiday pay – and feeding this through to payroll, an online Workforce Management system such as Wageloch plugs the leaks in your business administration. At the same time, you can focus on your core business without getting bogged down with manual admin tasks.

Curb confusion

Do you know who’s working from home today, or how many staff are expected at one or multiple sites? If someone calls in sick, can you easily find a replacement – and have the confidence they have the same skills and qualifications needed to do the job?

Even if you run a small business, these are all tough things to think about on the fly, especially if the information is scattered across separate systems, inboxes, notebooks and Post-It notes! With automated HR software, you can manage staff across multiple departments, shifts and sites  as well as see everything at a glance to make more informed and accurate decisions about your workforce.

Let staff take charge

How much time do you or your administrative staff spend fielding questions from employees relating to their leave balance, pay, allowances or overtime? If you’re like most businesses that haven’t implemented integrated HR software, it’s probably much more than you think.

With a platform like Wageloch that offers a self-service app and portal, you can hand over some of the control and visibility to your staff. That way, they can apply for leave and see their balance, and even leave notes for you to see (such as why they arrived late). Just think of how you’ll spend all that freed up valuable time!

Get a confidence boost

Compliance can be a minefield – especially when it comes to industry awards and allowances. Businesses also get into hot water when there’s a dispute over employee attendance or pay, without the data available to back it up.

By integrating all aspects of workforce management with a workforce management HR solution like Wageloch, you can close the gap between hours worked and hours paid – as well as have the peace of mind that your business is compliant with the latest legislation.

Of course, it’s not only your business that benefits. Your employees are also likely to have a more positive attitude towards work when they know their time, attendance and pay is being recorded and reported on securely and accurately.

To see how you can save time by bringing together your staffing tasks with ease, book a demo with our friendly team in Australia today.

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