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4 reasons to switch to digital employee onboarding

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Did you know six in 10 managers in Australia have had a new employee quit during their probation period because of a bad onboarding experience? And for around half (43%), it happened within the first month.

Despite these shocking statistics, a whopping 98% of businesses say their onboarding process works. But by neglecting to properly welcome new hires, they risk loss of productivity – not to mention overwhelming the staff who are left to pick up the slack while a replacement is found. And then there are the rehiring costs…ouch!

So, what can your business do to build a better onboarding experience for everyone? Taking it online is a great place to start.

Switching to paperless onboarding

How new employees feel on their first day can have a huge impact on their overall enjoyment at work. As the recruiter research we mentioned above shows, those who are left to fill in endless forms and figure out their new workstation alone are more likely to leave soon after starting.

But if your new hire is supported, encouraged, and eased into the business, the outlook is much more positive.

That’s why it makes sense to switch to paperless onboarding as part of your human resource management: employees can click their way through the entire process and get set up sooner – freeing up time to settle in and start work. This not only streamlines the hiring processes but also ensures minimal errors and maximum productivity.

How digital employee onboarding works

The entire digital onboarding process is designed to make onboarding easier. Take Flare HR, which Wageloch has partnered with to offer our customers seamless time tracking, employee scheduling, and single touch payroll.

By clicking a couple of buttons, the employee can securely create a profile (with their name, photo, and contact details), as well as add their tax, superannuation, and bank details – all automatically validated and integrated with systems like the Australian Payments Network, ATO and MyGov.

You can even brand the onboarding experience, so new hires can get to know your business values and perks on day one. It also adds to employee engagement. To learn more about digital solutions for your business, click here

4 big benefits to online employee onboarding

It’s starting to sound pretty good, right? Well, here are four more benefits to consider:

1. Save time and money
Think of all the time it takes to manually collect, print, sign and return onboarding paperwork – both for your HR team and your new hire. When you switch to digital onboarding, everything is done in just a few clicks and automatically stored for payroll.

In fact, Flare HR reports you can enjoy 85% greater onboarding efficiency.

2. Tighter compliance
Whenever you take your business tasks online, you want to make sure your data is collected and stored in line with legal requirements. And onboarding is no different.

So, when you’re choosing a digital employee onboarding process, check that employee records are obtained and kept in the right way – and without having to do any extra manual admin. Our integration with Flare HR does a great job of this.

3. Better data security
You also want to make sure highly sensitive data – like bank, tax and superannuation details – is properly and safely stored. If it’s sent over email, it’s more likely to be breached.

Digital onboarding protects employees’ information, while also avoiding double handling.

4. More engaged employees
Overall, digital media is a great way to attract, engage and retain top talent. You can share work perks like discounts on fuel and shopping, to provide benefits beyond a paycheck. You can schedule regular communications and make the employees aware of the company culture.

And as the research shows us, how you onboard your new team members play a big part in how long they stick around. You’ll soon be wondering how you ever did without it.

If you’d like to set up digital onboarding, get in touch with our Australian team at Wageloch today.

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