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3 steps to keep your staff safe at work

The global pandemic has changed the way we work – forever. To protect employees and visitors, businesses have had to rapidly reconsider their workplace health and safety practices. Top of the list is finding better, more efficient and hygienic ways to track time and attendance, so your staff stay safe at work.

If you’re in the same boat, let’s look at some simple steps to keep your workplace safe and healthy now and long after the pandemic has eased.

How can clocking keep your staff safe at work?

We usually see time and attendance systems as a way to check your staff are working when and where they should be. But consider this: they also help you monitor their breaks. And given that every two to three minutes in Australia, someone is seriously injured at work (with many incidents attributed to fatigue and lost concentration, increasing the risk of accidents), this is a significant benefit.

Convinced? Here’s how to integrate an improved time and attendance system into your workplace:

Step 1: Look at what’s not working

Not all workplaces are set up to allow working from home. Retail, pharmacy, childcare and education, accommodation and hospitality, and manufacturing are just some of the industries that still need staff on site.

So to start, consider how you currently track your team’s time and attendance. Do they use a swipe card, fingerprint scanner or perhaps a simple sign-in sheet? Do visitors enter and exit your workplace the same way your staff do – increasing security and infection risks?

To keep staff and others safe at work, these old approaches no longer cut it. So the question is: what does?

Step 2: Choose touch-free clocking

Since we introduced the first fingerprint scanner for SMEs in Australia, we’ve witnessed (and been a part of) the shift towards remote, contactless employee time and attendance.

Now, there are a couple of ways you can quickly and easily integrate this technology into your business:

  • Iris scanners
  • Facial recognition software
  • Mobile clocking

Let’s look at each in turn. An iris scanner is a simple device your staff can use to clock in and out without touching any surfaces. Designed for workplaces that are dusty, dirty or involve chemicals, many other businesses are now choosing iris scanners to keep staff safe at work and monitor their worked hours – from offices to hotels. And with a Wageloch iris scanner, we can customise and set it up to suit your workplace.

Facial recognition software is another option for simpler, smarter workforce management. In fact, it’s such a popular choice that here at Wageloch we include it in your subscription. All you have to do is buy the hardware. This can be as simple as a tablet on the wall that takes a photo – or an all-in-one unit with two cameras that captures a 3D facial image and scans for a match. This is then sent straight to the system for timesheet management, then through to payroll.

When integrated with software like NoahFace (which Wageloch is) you can even use it for visitor registration and automatic temperature screening. It’s one of the best ways you can keep everyone safe at work, 24/7.

Finally, there’s mobile clocking. Staff simply open their phone to log when they arrive and/or leave work, with GPS location pinpointing their exact location and comparing it against digital clocking records.

Take the example of pharmacy staff delivering to nursing homes at the end of their shift. They can clock off when they’re done, with the time and location recorded.  Not only does this make it easier to comply with workplace health and safety, it also saves time and money on swipe cards and other equipment and processes.

Step 3: Roll it out!

Once you’ve picked the perfect time and attendance software and setup for your workplace, it’s time to train your staff on how to use it.

When you switch to Wageloch, we’ll take you through all the steps – and can even come up with a custom time tracking and attendance solution to suit your business now and in the future. So you can have confidence you’re keeping visitors and staff safe at work, around the clock.

To see how Wageloch makes time and attendance easy and safe, book a demo with our friendly team in Australia today.

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