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3 Easy Ways To Support Staff Work-Life Balance

If your team took a break over the festive period, there’s a good chance they’re returning to work with renewed energy and optimism. But with pandemic-related stress still lingering and all of us being increasingly time-poor, it’s never too early to think about promoting healthy work-life balance. By taking steps now, you can help your staff and business avoid burnout, absenteeism and lost productivity as the year progresses.

That being said, you also don’t want to add too much more to your plate! So we’ve got 3 super simple ways to bring a little more work-life balance to the table this year:

1. Introduce flexible work

The latest Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey reveals that people with long commutes are less happy with their work-life balance (as well as their working hours and salaries) compared to those who don’t have as far to travel to work. They’re also more likely to go job hunting.

On top of that, research here and overseas continues to show that flexible working:

  • boosts productivity
  • enhances employee wellbeing and mental health
  • improves gender equality at work and home
  • reduces burnout, fatigue and exhaustion
  • future-proofs businesses
  • promotes participation and staff satisfaction
  • allows staff to better balance work and family obligations

Given all this, you may want to consider introducing a formal flexible work policy. However, not every business or industry suits remote work.

If you’re in that camp, consider things like flexible rostering, easy shift swapping and roster changes (made possible with Wageloch), or part-time options so staff have greater choice around when they work.

2. Be a break champion

Poor work life balance can also be attributed to working long hours. So encourage your team to take regular breaks – whether that’s taking a short stroll around the block, walking over to chat with a colleague rather than emailing, or eating lunch in the park.

You might like to set up a separate break room or quiet space where staff can take time out from workplace noise and distractions, as well as eat lunch on wet weather days.

It’s also wise to make sure staff are taking the breaks they’re entitled to under their industry award. Not only does this ensure your business stays compliant, it also helps create a culture of care. You can find out more about break entitlements on the Fair Work website.

3. Encourage time off

All work and no play…you know how the rest of it goes. The fact is, everyone needs to take time off from work – for rest, recreation, family and to maintain health and wellbeing.

Keep an eye on how much leave your staff are taking (again, this is very easy to do within Wageloch). Are regular sick days a sign someone is struggling? Are others banking their annual leave year after year, without taking any time off?

Depending on the award or agreement, you may be able to instruct staff to take paid leave if they have a lot accrued.

However you decide to approach the matter, be sure to clearly communicate this in your leave policy and with staff. Again, this helps boost morale and happiness at work.

A better balance

These are just 3 small ways you could look to support better work-life balance for your employees. Depending on your business and industry, you might need to get creative. Could you provide perks like discounted gym memberships or complimentary massages? Or offer better support for working parents? Perhaps your staff would like an easier way to see, swap and request shifts?

Whatever you decide to do, Wageloch makes managing it all a breeze. To see how, ask us for a free demo today.



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