Our software offers a multitude of benefits for business, including:

Cost effective

  • Massive saving in time compared to manual operations.
  • Reduce hours of data entry.
  • We will cut the hours it takes to prepare rosters and payroll reports.
  • Free up a week per year of time for very small companies.
  • Free up to four hours a week (the equivalent of five weeks a year) over 200 hours a year for larger companies.

Error Reduction and Accountability

  • Accountability for staff.
  • Staff often complete time-sheets at the end of the week and can make honest mistakes.
  • There are also many steps in a manual process such as, employer, supervisor, manager, payroll staff.

Award Interpretation

  • Incredibly powerful Award interpretation compared to competitors

Reporting and Auditing

  • Simplified reports.
  • Cost of shift per employee.
  • Percentage of sales to wages.
  • Benchmarks across multiple work sites.
  • See how many staff are working and the cost to the organisation in real time.
  • Cross site checking so that staff are not rostered on at different locations at the same time.
  • Fairwork audit – keep rosters and timesheets for 7 years – would take boxes and boxes of space.

Ease of Use

  • Set up is very personal. One-on-one or remotely.
  • Easy to use for employees.
  • The web portal assists with populating rosters.
  • The web portal also allows staff to go online to carry out admin tasks such as applying for leave.

Management Control

WageLoch increases management control in four very important ways:

  1. It applies Award rules and pay rates according to your specifications. Budget easily by viewing shift and roster costing instantly as you roster, as well as your timesheet calculations before it is sent to payroll.
  2. WageLoch Cloud and now WageLoch Hosted, our online solution, allows you to log in anytime, anywhere to edit and view your information.
  3. Easily compare clock times to rostered times on a single screen and decide how you want to pay your staff based on this information.
  4. Management reports give you clear and concise reporting options on wage costs, hours rostered and hours actually worked, in a pay cycle.


“Our payroll used to take me more than 4 hours to process, but now that we’re using WageLoch, I get it done in less than 1.”