WageLoch uses employee award data in its rostering software to enable instant visibility and control of costs for budgeting purposes. This modern system allows employers to track labour budgets in real time, display the costs of every shift, and determine the cost difference between available staff on any shift in the roster! Online rostering software allows employers to make efficient and Informed decisions regarding their staffing requirements.


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POS Intergration

The WageLoch employee roster program can be integrated with many points of sales (POS) systems or manually configured to track wage percentage data. This provides businesses with the flexibility to manage rostered staff, organise timesheets, program scheduled shifts and budget accordingly.

WageLoch Roster Budget

Flexible Roster Access

The roster management software allows flexible access for staff with options for businesses to email, SMS, and/or publish staff rosters online. Staff can also now access their rosters via the Mobile App to view their schedules and other communications from their employer. View current and previous rosters, manage staff and generate upcoming rosters with ease through the WageLoch system.


Roster Selection

Automated Alerts

The WageLoch Alerts feature notifies rostering managers of potential issues or conflicts within the scheduled roster (for example overtime, unavailability, legal/industrial relations restrictions or certification expiry). This feature prevents employers from accidentally/inadvertently blowing out their labour cost and assists businesses to cover themselves from potential breaches of legal and industrial regulations.

The Complete WageLoch Solution

Rostering Software – Smart budgeting and labour control solutions
Automated Timesheets
 – One click submission of timesheets to payroll using time card software
Biometric Attendance – Fingerprint, facial, retinal and location based employee clock in, clock out tracking
Employee Web Portal – Efficient rostering and communication between businesses and staff
MYOB Add-On – WageLoch seamlessly integrates with MYOB accounting software as a certified add-on
Xero Add-On – WageLoch seamlessly integrates with Xero accounting software


Who uses Wageloch?


“Our 21 staff are rostered on a fortnightly basis and I was really tired of locking myself away for hours each fortnight doing the rosters…it was a real chore and I never made a cent for my company! WageLoch relieved me of all that hassle, now it only takes me a few minutes, and I have also reduced the wages for the Pharmacy.”