Fingerprint Scanner Unit

The WageLoch fingerprint scanner is an elegant and powerful fingerprint identity machine capable of counterfeit finger rejection. With it’s smart, sophisticated and highly durable design, the reader will function effectively in clean/low dust/dirt environments, such as office, retail and hospitality.

  • Optical USB fingerprint reader
  • 512 dpi scan capture area
  • USB output
  • Excellent image quality
  • Encrypted fingerprint data
  • Latent print rejection
  • Counterfeit finger rejection
  • 65 mm x 36 mm x 15.56 mm
  • 105 grams

WageLoch Fingerprint scanner


Iris Scanner Unit

WageLoch’s state-of-the-art iris scanner features superior iris matching and iris image quality assessment algorithms to maximise positive identification rates and avoid false positives. Due to its hands-free functionality and simple design, the WageLoch iris scanner is perfectly suited to most environments including manufacturing.

  • Auto-capture, template generation & matching
  • Secure on-board processing
  • Key functions processed on-board
  • Tamper-proof
  • Secure data & communication
  • Securely generated 2048 bit RSA key
  • Ultra-compact, light weight
  • Low power consumption
  • Cost effective
  • Various OS supported
  • 51.2mm x 92.6mm x 15.1mm

WageLoch Iris Scanner

Facial Recognition Unit

The WageLoch FaceID unit is a modern solution for medium to large enterprises focused on managing time & attendance through secure user access. The facial recognition unit can be configured for standalone use, LAN Systems and in collaboration with other services. The WageLoch FaceID unit is well suited for most workplaces including industrial and manufacturing environments.

  • Wi-Fi enabled.
  • 2000 base face-user capacity (1:N), expandable to 4000.
  • Multi-authentication options – face/pin/card/photo.
  • Fast & accurate, recognition <1 sec, FAR <0.001%
  • Optional ok to wake


WageLoch Face Scanner

Facial Recognition Software

WageLoch offers the NoahFace Facial Recognition system, with clocking all captured via as iPad app and fed into the WageLoch system for time-sheeting and payroll.

NoahFace is well suited to most environments, including industrial and manufacturing sectors.

  • Works on all iPads running iOS 11.0 or higher.
  • Super fast clock in and out
  • Highly accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Full audit trail of users and events
  • Free app to download via app store
  • Low cost software monthly subscription fee applies



An RFID scanner is a perfect solution for a variety of security and staff management needs. The easy interface and contactless smart cards offer unique features such as mutual authentication, secure reading/writing and user-defined access keys. The RFID scanners can also integrate seamlessly with existing card systems to ensure an effective transition. the WageLoch RFID scanners are effective for all environments requiring scan in & out technology as well as security driven environments with ranging access tiers.

  • Utilizes keycard or tag scanner technology
  • Customizable to work with any tag/card solution for any size corporation
  • Protect and secure sensitive information
  • Meets various industry compliance requirements
  • Provides employee familiarity with existing badges
  • Enhances investment of single badges

WageLoch RFID Scanner

The Complete WageLoch Solution

Rostering Software – Smart budgeting and labour control solutions
Automated Timesheets – One click submission of timesheets to payroll
Biometric Attendance – Fingerprint, facial, retinal and location based employee clock in, clock out tracking
Employee Web Portal – Efficient rostering and communication between businesses and staff
MYOB Add-On – WageLoch seamlessly integrates with MYOB accounting software as a certified add-on
Xero Add-On – WageLoch seamlessly integrates with Xero accounting software



“As a bookkeeper, I do the payroll for a number of Hotels – and it seemed like most of my time was spent on processing payroll manually and fixing up mistakes. Having looked at a number of Rostering and Time Attendance software packages, we decided to go with WageLoch; it has exceeded all of my expectations and payroll is now done more efficiently giving me time to focus on other tasks. I would highly recommend WageLoch to any bookkeeper who has to juggle payroll with bookkeeping”