WageLoch Cloud Manual Upgrade

This page provides a link to download the WageLoch Cloud Local Upgrade Program.

This will update ALL the WageLoch Cloud programs installed on the PC.

This process will need to be repeated on each of the machines where WageLoch Cloud is installed.

Please follow the following steps:

  1. Close ALL of the WageLoch Programs currently running on the machine
  2. Download the file and save it to your Desktop
  3. Navigate to your Desktop and double click the file WageLoch Cloud manual upgrade.exe
    This will perform the update a series of message boxes may be displayed advising you of what is occurring.
  4. Navigate to your Desktop and delete the file WageLoch Cloud manual upgrade.exe

This will update all the installed WageLoch Programs on the current PC
This will need to be performed on each PC where WageLoch is installed

If you have Any difficulties or if you are uncertain please contact the WageLoch Helpdesk

WageLoch Support can be contacted Monday to Friday from 8am – 6pm CST on the following numbers:

Adelaide – (08) 7123 2993
Sydney – (02) 8188 7516
Melbourne – (03) 9008 6359

Brisbane – (07) 3056 0287
Perth – (08) 6365 5680
Hobart – (03) 6108 2116