The WageLoch Service

WageLoch rostering and payroll software has been developed and continually improved over the past decade by working closely with small businesses, industry bodies, payroll companies, accountants and bookkeepers. We are proud to be an Australian owned business produced and supported locally by our wonderful team.

Our dedication to providing tailored support and assistance to our clients is rivalled only by our commitment to the continuous improvement of the WageLoch software. By ensuring our systems remain user-friendly, adaptable and innovative, we are able to provide an excellent service customised for your business.

Company Directors - Lachlan Sedsman and Kobi Sedsman

With qualifications and experience in software development, childcare and business environments both nationally and in regional Australia, Lachlan manages software and technology development.

Bringing international business qualifications combined with corporate business operations management and HR experience to WageLoch, Kobi manages customer support and team development.

Helpdesk Team

Our dedicated locally-based support team provide unparalleled training and assistance with your software integration and employee management needs. Fully trained in WageLoch systems deployment, they are experts in troubleshooting problems, provide guidance and keeping you informed throughout the entire process. Whether for roster administration, time tracking assistance or payroll management, our helpdesk will assist you with prompt support.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team:

Sales Team

Sales and Management - ClipboardOur sales team will work closely with you to ensure the best possible WageLoch solution is provided for your business. The focus is to develop a transparent and modern system centred on your specific business goals. In doing so, the WageLoch business packages are designed to assist with long-term scalability and shifting employee management landscapes.

Our sales members will ensure your business needs are recognised when it comes to integrating previous systems and future-proofing for change. If you would like to learn how WageLoch can benefit your business, please contact us.

Development Team

Software and technology development is at the core of the WageLoch Model. Our on-site development team is always working to improve upon systems with a focus on efficiency, usability and security. Being at the forefront of time sheet consolidation and employee management, our team aims to ensure effective integration over a wide range of industries.

From pharmacies, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and more, WageLoch is designed to fit.


Want to learn how WageLoch can benefit your business?


“WageLoch has saved us many hours of paperwork and allows for easy but accurate payroll processing. We are a not for profit organisation that has paid employees, as well as a large number of volunteers, all of whom can be accurately tracked using WageLoch. WageLoch also enables us to meet legislative requirements for our organisation by way of its notes feature”